A spectacular, poetic, and thought provoking contemporary circus performance for a forest, an audience, and five performing artists.

Premiered May 7th 2021
Co-produced by DYNAMO Workspace  

BARK trailer, video by Rene Odgaard

Played site-specifically in and with your local forest, BARK is about reconnecting with each other and with nature. The forest, the soil and the trees are the main characters of the performance, and co-create the piece together with the performers, climate scientists and outside eyes. 


We combine a physical expression of group acrobatics, vertical dance, dance and physical theatre with contemporary soundscapes and poetic text, all performed up in, between, with and around the trees. Through being nature, reconnecting, and living utopia, we aim to convey a sensory experience that can change perspectives on our human natures, as a part of the biosphere.

BARK premiered May 7th 2021 in Denmark, and toured Denmark, Sweden and Finland by bike during the summer and autumn of 2021.  In spring 2022, BARK will hit the road again.

By Acting for Climate 
Co-produced by DYNAMO Workspace for Circus and Performing Arts
Performed and co-created by: Heidi Miikki (FI), Abigael Winsvold (NO), Stina Copra (FI), Frøydis Dahlø (NO) and Emma Langmoen (NO)
Outside eye: Rebecca Tiger (SE)
Scientific input and outside eye: Karen O'Brien (NO/US)


Supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, SPENN Norge, Statens Kunstfond Danmark, DYNAMO Workspace, Taike Finland, and Custom Raw bikes. Thank you! 

A special thank you to the Langkilde family, the Ottesen family and DYNAMO for your care and generosity - it means everything. 

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April-May 2022: 
Catalonia, Germany and Denmark - stay tuned for dates!

Past performances: 

DENMARK, May 2021: 
Svanninge Bakker:
Friday 7. May 19:00 - Premiere
Saturday 8. May 14:00 and 19:00
Sunday 9. May 14:00

Dovns Klint:

Friday 14. May 19:00
Saturday 15. May 14:00 and 19:00
Sunday 16. May 14:00


Hvidkilde Gods, Svendborg: 
Friday 21. May 19:00
Saturday 22. May 14:00 and 19:00 
Sunday 23. May 14:00

Hollufgård, Odense
Friday 28. May 19:00 
Saturday 29. May 14:00 and 19:00

Sunday 30. May 14:00

SWEDEN and FINLAND, August-September 2021. 


More info about the performance: