Trans Port / Ripples

The sailing contemporary circus performance Ripples, played on deck, and high up in the rig and masts of a sail ship from 1935, and the art and science encounter Trans Port.

Can we create a positive climate ripple effect across the sea? 

We will premiere and set sail across the Baltic Sea in 2022, from Denmark to Finland, Russia, Estonia and Sweden


After the massive success of Into the Water in 2019, we are delighted to once again set sail across oceans to inspire people to act for a more sustainable future.

Trans Port is an art and science project sailing across the Baltic Sea. We  join forces with Festival Norpas (FI) and the Hawila Project to bring scientists, artists and activists onboard for a transformative experience on sustainability.

Ripples is our new, upcoming contemporary circus performance about eco-grief and utopia, that will  tour as part of the Trans Port project. The 34 meter long sail ship Hawila acts as both site specific stage, home, and means of transport. Onboard, seven artists embody ecological grief and hope for the future within the magnificent frame of the ship. With circus, dance, physical theatre, and personal storytelling, a magical universe unfolds from aft to bow and all the way up to the top of the 26 meter high masts.

Ripples invites you on board a voyage into the future, a mourning ritual for the past, and to question the present. Artistically the performance explores two concepts; eco-grief and manifesting the future in the present. If action triggers action - can our art create a ripple effect for climate action that can spread across the sea?


The stage, nearly 100-year-old Hawila, carries symbolism combining history and utopia, dependency and autonomy, the power of nature to move us, but also to kill us. The aim of the tour Trans Port is to question the values our society is based upon and to inspire curiosity and discussions about sustainability in the present. 

We set sail for hope, for action, and for change.

Photo by Ghia Lumia Fieandt

Water Ripple
If action triggers action - can our art create a ripple effect for climate action that can spread across the sea? 

Trans Port and Ripples will sail from harbour to harbour with Hawila, a two-masted wooden sailing ship from 1935. We set off from Denmark to harbours in Finland, Russia, Estonia and Sweden, in which we play the performance Ripples and engage in local encounters on sustainability.

Trans Port is multi-layered; it combines our performance and workshops in harbours, as well as the sailing journey with international artists and scientists in residency on board.


Trans Port and Ripples is uncompromisingly prioritising sustainability in all layers, when the forces of nature literarily help us move our stage and home around. 


Hawila by Sam Faucherre.jpg

Want to help us get wind in our sails? 

We are especially looking for partners and collaborators in Stockholm (SE), Helsinki (FI), St. Petersburg (RU) and Tallinn (EST), or nearby locations. Is that you or your friends, or do you want to get involved? 

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