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The seed of Acting for Climate was planted in Norway in 2015 by Abigael Winsvold and Victoria Gulliksen, wanting to  use their profession as artists to inspire action for a sustainable future. Now, we are a company creating and touring our own performances, and a growing network of people, artists and activists that nurture collaboration for sustainability.

We are inspired by Piet Hein's definition of art as ”the solution to the problems that cannot be formulated clearly before being resolved”. As artists we have the opportunity and responsibility to inspire action, joy and change. 


The Acting for Climate tree is growing, both as a professional contemporary circus and performing arts company, with our branches in Europe and Montréal, and as a community platform for arts and sustainability.

We intend to strengthen and expand global networks of action through interaction with local artists and activist. Acting for Climate is not just a group of performers, it is a mindset and a movement.

Acting for Climate will always strive towards developing the art field, through cross-disciplinary work, and challenging the methods and expressions of contemporary performing arts.


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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


The European Branch

Who we are

Ida Langkilde (DK)
Abigael Rydtun Winsvold (NO/DK) 

Abigael is one of the founders of Acting for Climate, and a multitalented performer educated at AFUK, AMoC and Codarts, specialized as a hand to hand flyer but with a multitude of skills, both within contemporary circus and other artforms. Abigael dares to dream, and has the energy, initiative, braveness and skills to make her dreams come true. She is also our number one networking queen. 

Abigael Winsvold David Ullrich Acting for climate pair acrobatics hand to hand h2h "into the water"
Emma Langmoen trapeze circusacting for climate performing "into the water" oslo nysirkus
Emma Staffansdotter Langmoen (NO/FI)

With a background in politics and activism, Norwegian circus artist Emma Langmoen has found a purpose for her art through Acting for Climate. Emma studied at SaSak - Lahti Circus Education in Finland (2015-2018), and even more years of training of how to fall down from her static trapeze, lose her flyer in the double trapeze, fall down from a handstand, crash land a flip, or slip down into a split. When she is not wearing the hats of artist/creator/board member/multitasker in Acting for Climate, she is the Artistic Director for Oslo Nysirkus and freelance performer. Emma is interested in the versatility of contemporary circus, combining circus, dance, text, live music and visual arts in A4C and in her own productions.

Durita Sumberg (Faroe Islands / DK)

Durita is Acting For Climates producer, manager and much more. Her educational background is in dramaturgy. She is from the beautiful Faroe Islands, and is now residential in Aarhus, Denmark. Durita take on diverse tasks, and isn't afraid to jump into deep water to move the company in the right direction.   

Amund Lindvang Bentsen (DK)

Amund is a dancer, choreographer, and interpreter who's main focus is bringing together the often considered opposites of nature and culture. His foundation is in the hiphop dance community, and from there he grows his artistic expression together with existential and environmental questions. From the creation of his first dance theatre piece “Verden er vores krop”(2015) at the National museum in Denmark, to the video art exhibition “when the world becomes our body”(2020) - investigating the relationship between human and nature through the perspective of the tide. When he is not doing artistic projects, he is doing activism or in school. He has his own company called Stretching Roots.

Heidi  Miikki (FI)

Heidi is a Helsinki-based dancer and circus artist who has a dancer’s education from Outokumpu, Finland and studied circus both at AFUK in Copenhagen and BA degree at Turku Arts Academy. She dances and jumps on the tightwire, on the ground, in a harness, and climbs the pole and trees. Heidi is fascinated by movement, improvisation, playfulness and nature (among many other things!) She is an environmentalist to whom empathy, caring and meeting are the core of being. Heidi has been working with several companies and made her own multidisciplinary work combining circus, dance, music and film.

Zelda Lyseng-Storvik (NO)

Zelda is a physical performance artist within dance, circus and theatre. At the moment you will find her doing Dance Acro and a bit of Dance Trapeze. Zelda's heart beat for art and activism.

"It makes my interests and skills even more powerful, knowing that my art can make a better impact on the world when mixed with activism. Looking forward to share, grow and act!"

Nathan Biggs-Penton (US)

Nathan grew up in the woods between mountains in a house built and designed by his parents. In 2013 Nathan dove head first into the world of physical expression; acrobatics, manipulation, dance, music, and clowning. Circus Smirkus, DoCH, and the Quebec Circus School form the foundation from which he grows. Art in society is an essential and in currant times, society needs the influence of art to move towards a sustainable tomorrow. Nathan is  currently touring the world with Cirque Éloize and the show Saloon.


Photo: Ghia Fieandt


Our network of collaborators is growing, and we are not able to present everyone here. Please contact us if you are interested in more information on Acting for Climate and all people involved in the movement, or if you would like to get involved. 

Acting for Climate works as an umbrella organisation with the goal of involving everybody interested in arts and environmentalism to create a global network working towards a common goal.



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