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Acting for Climate presents

a performance of tree-dreaming


alive is a contemporary circus performance, a living sculpture, an immersive experience, opening our
human imagination to the both mythic and scientific idea of the tree being alive.

alive will premiere in the late summer of 2024 in Denmark.


waking up the tree to our human imagination

The Audience gathers around a big tree, as the sun is setting. As the blue hour begins, patterns of light are projected on the tree. Underneath the tree there is a pattern of mirrors, reflecting the branches, reminding us of the rooted world beneath the tree.

Immersed within the structure of the tree the audience is invited to sit or lay down on carpets between the mirror structures, looking up at the branches in the crown of the tree.

As the audience’s imagination drifts between the branches, the tree is slowly awakening, as bodies are growing out of the tree.


bond between
the tree and the human

alive is a multidisciplinary performance that explores our entanglement and relationship to the tree. The performance works with relational costumes between vertical dancers and the tree.

alive can take place in bigger healthy trees, in parks or forests close to the city.


Artistic Producer

Amund Lindvang Bentsen

+45 60224824



Federica Parise

+39 320 144 1672

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