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C u r r e n t s


Currents is a 3 years-long worldwide sailing tour
combining art and environmental action.

Currents has at its core sustainability, love for
nature, and contemporary circus techniques.

Into the water

With a main team of 5 travelling artists onboard of our sailing vessel, we stop in harbours around the world where we team up with local artists, environmentalists, activists and scientists.

In this bigger group, we share artistic methods and techniques, explore future sustainable pathways for the territories we are in and those we come from, and create a performance that shakes the souls and drives the audience to action.


Do you want to create art to inspire towards a more sustainable future and do it while sailing around the world? 

We are looking for people who are adventurous and want to travel the world, and who want to combine environmentalism with their artistic work. With high level artistic skills. 

We are looking for: 

- 1-2 partner acrobats (bases are encouraged to apply)
- One musician (live musicians are encouraged to apply)

You do not need to have sailing experience, but curiosity and be open and willing to learn.

We are looking forward to reading your application! 


Email us:

 Tour 2024-2027

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