Restoration of Redoubt Skalka to Multicultural Space

Redoubt Skalka is a project of inclusion, and of using art to raise awareness. Our partners in Slovakia are restoring an old castle to become a cultural centre, focusing on environmentalism and the inclusion of Roma youth. 

As partners, we hope to breathe artistic life into the project, exchange methods of art across Europe, and listen, learn and grow. We will share our methods of working artistically with the climate and nature crisis, help building up an international artist residency, and it will all culminate in a grand site-specific performance, in collaboration between local artists and Acting for Climate. 


Citizen engagement - Into the Water 2019


About the project

Jelšava municipality in the Revúca District of Banská Bystrica Region, is a part of the least developed districts in Slovakia and the EU. It is a town with a rich mining and iron tradition as well as craft production. With this projects the city leadership seeks to preserve cultural heritage, while engaging citizens, young people, and maginalized groups with innovative methods, into purposeful and future-oriented Youth Work programmes for them to revitalize the region facing global economic and climate challenges.

The project is a multi-sectoral and vertical collaboration for the benefit of children and young people to further drive citizen engagement and innovations with Partners YMCA Revúca, Banská Bystrica Region Youth Council, Acting for Climate from Norway and KROMPACIK.

The project will restore the Redoubt Skalka to establishing an operating a Youth Centre, supporting Youth Work, Social Field Work, and organizing an international exchange with the aim to establish an artist residency programme at the multicultural youth center. The Project is funded by EEA and Norway grants.

Redoubt Skalka before restoration